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Real History Mystery Press publishes historical mysteries that are not only exciting to read, but also true to the historical record. Historical characters appear only when and where they did in real life, doing what they did in real life. The historical backdrops always encompass both minute period detail and epic events in the arts, technology, religion and politics.

To date we have published two Italian Renaissance mysteries by Maryann Philip, which average 4+ stars with more than 160 Amazon reviews.

A Borgia Daughter Dies introduces the fictional Nicola Machiavelli and tells the true story of the infamous Borgia family:

The saga of the Borgias and the lives of Leonardo da Vinci and the young Machiavelli form the accurate historical background of this murder mystery, set in the opulence of Renaissance Rome and Milan. Machiavelli’s illegitimate daughter and his bewitching ex-mistress will solve three murders with help from da Vinci and Lucrezia Borgia–including the murder of Lucrezia’s real-life half sister.

Da Vinci Detects: Renaissance Florence at the zenith of its artistic splendor is the backdrop for this historically correct sequel to A Borgia Daughter Dies. Leonardo da Vinci uncovers a serial killer while working for the infamous Niccolò Machiavelli on a secret project for the Florentine Republic. A feared figure from Leonardo’s past also seeks his help, forcing him to re-live the nightmare of his public arrest after he was anonymously accused of homosexuality as a young man. Machiavelli’s mistress Caterina and their daughter Nicola will help Leonardo while trying to protect Caterina’s father, who lives in fear of death threats thrust under his door in the night.

Other famous figures, such as Niccolò Machiavelli, Raphael, Michelangelo and Botticelli appear in both books.

In the third Nicola Machiavelli mystery, to be published this summer, she and Martin Luther will confront religious corruption and intrigue to solve the murder of a reform candidate for the papacy during Luther’s time in Rome, seven years before he ignited the Protestant Reformation.

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